Best ways to spot if your doctor is trying to kill you

Doctors are very sus. Often people die around them, under misterious circumstances. Here's how to tell if your doctor is trying to kill you
  1. Says things like i'm going to kill you
  2. Has a shrine dedicated to Bill Gates in his office
  3. Plays Britney Spears on repeat in the waiting room
  4. Recommends amputation for everything
  5. Gets upset when you say that you're feeling better
  6. Likes to operate while listening to Slayer or Cannibal Corpse
  7. Somehow always has at least one blood stain on his uniform
  8. Has a 666 tattoo on his left buttcheck
  9. Always gives you a prescription for opium when you leave
  10. Always begins operations by saying I dedicate this sacrifice to our lord Lucifer
  11. Has his office in an unmarked van
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