Top 14 things which I like about Duolingo app

The prospect of learning a new language can seem a daunting task, but it is not with widely popular apps. Among many, I have chosen Duolingo to learn Spanish so I can say something more rather than 'Hola' or 'Gracias' while on holiday. I'm glad I gave it a shot because now I have become quite addicted to it and each day I practice hard to master my Espanol.
  1. Clear and easy to use UI
  2. Many languages available to choose from
  3. Free although limited version gets you started
  4. The App runs perfectly with or without Wi-fi so I can practice on the go
  5. Podcasts that I can listen to while cooking and still get my points
  6. Funny avatars and stories that sometimes makes me laugh out loud
  7. I don't have to repeat myself 100 times thanks to the excellent voice recognition
  8. Keep me motivated with small rewards, EX points, badges, etc
  9. Weekly leaderboards that allow me to compete with other players
  10. There are live sessions where I can practice my language with others (so I know that others struggle too)
  11. That I can follow my friends for extra encouragement
  12. Keeps me off social media (depending on how much time you dedicate to practicing)
  13. I get notifications when others take my spot on leaderboard, so I can chase them up :)
Added by Gabi