The most unique hotels in the World

With thousands of hotels to choose from, it can be a difficult task picking just one. Not only you have the luxury options that offer all-inclusive amenities but also budget friendly accommodations. However we think these 15 properties deserve recognition due not only their luxurious feel and cool theme rooms, they're unique too; meaning something different than any other hotel out there, which makes them stand apart in this world full of endless possibilities!
Wigwam Motel, California
Kakslauttanen Resort, Finland
The Conrad, Maldives
IceHotel, Sweden
Schlaffass Pfaffstätten, Austria
Casa Caracol, Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita, Matera, Italy
Four Seasons, Bora Bora
CCasa Container Hotel, Nha Trang, Vietnam
The Manta Resort, Tanzania
Cube House – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Giraffe Manor – Cape Town, South Africa
Memories Aicha Luxury Camp - Wadi Rum, Jordan
Dromen Aan Zee - Netherlands
Sky Lodge - Cusco, Peru
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