Best golden nuggets from Lex Fridman podcast with David Sinclair

Link “to YouTube podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhKZIq3SlYE
  1. what’s good when you are young can cause problems when you are older
  2. Human lifespan limit currently is 122 years
  3. We have a close to a trillion DNA breaks per day in our bodies
  4. We can replicate the ageing process in a controlled way in mices (speed up aging for testing)
  5. We can now reverse ageing in mice
  6. US spends 17% GDP on healthcare
  7. Insurance companies will give you discount when you show them data voluntarily
  8. Fasting is one of the oldest ways to improve health (5000+ years old technique)
  9. Putting our bodies in defensive state activate anti-aging genes. Hunger is the easiest to do that
  10. Spiking your sugar is not healthy in the long run
  11. While ageing we’re losing 1% of muscle mass per year
  12. If you restrict rat a sleep for 2 weeks it will develop type 2 diabetes
  13. Shift workers are most susceptible to age related diseases
  14. The brain is in the center of longevity. Stress, hormones
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