Best golden nuggets from Lex Fridman podcast with David Sinclair

  1. what’s good when you are young can cause problems when you are older
  2. Human lifespan limit currently is 122 years
  3. We have a close to a trillion DNA breaks per day in our bodies
  4. We can replicate the ageing process in a controlled way in mices (speed up aging for testing)
  5. We can now reverse ageing in mice
  6. US spends 17% GDP on healthcare
  7. Insurance companies will give you discount when you show them data voluntarily
  8. Fasting is one of the oldest ways to improve health (5000+ years old technique)
  9. Putting our bodies in defensive state activate anti-aging genes. Hunger is the easiest to do that
  10. Spiking your sugar is not healthy in the long run
  11. While ageing we’re losing 1% of muscle mass per year
  12. If you restrict rat a sleep for 2 weeks it will develop type 2 diabetes
  13. Shift workers are most susceptible to age related diseases
  14. The brain is in the center of longevity. Stress, hormones
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