Top 10 reasons to move to Dubai

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  1. Tax-free income and no personal income tax
  2. No sales tax on most items
  3. Low cost of living - apartments are affordable and there are plenty of dining and shopping options
  4. A central location for travel - 6 hours to Europe/London and 6 hours to Asia/Thailand
  5. Warm weather all year round - Dubai is a desert, so you can enjoy the sun and sand 365 days a year
  6. Multicultural environment - expats from all over the world live in Dubai, pretty much like London back in the days
  7. Shopping is a national pastime - you can find anything and everything here
  8. Housing is affordable compared to other global cities
  9. English is the main language spoken, making it easy to get by
  10. Watch camel racing at sunset - it's fast paced and exciting!
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