My Top highlights from the book "Liftoff"

The whole book title: "Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX" by Eric Berger UK Amazon link: https://amzn.to/3sZg9ee US Amazon link: https://amzn.to/3pTiohd “Now,” Musk says, “I ask for the eleven top risks. Always go to eleven.” - Elon Musk
  1. When an employee saved the company $100,000 by building a part in-house instead of ordering one from a traditional supplier, everyone benefited
  2. SpaceX also paid quickly. Within a day of receiving a purchase order from SpaceX, Reagan would have a check
  3. It felt cathartic to frag the boss, who so often demanded the impossible over the course of eighty-hour weeks
  4. “I make the spending decisions and the engineering decisions in one head,” he said. “Normally those are at least two people. There’s some engineering guy who’s trying to convince a finance guy that this money should be spent. But the finance guy doesn’t understand engineering, so he can’t tell if this is a good way to spend money or not. Whereas I’m making the engineering decisions and spending decisions. So I know, already, that my brain trusts itself.”
  5. the North Pole, as the ninety-degree turns there end up forming three sides of a triangle at the top of the sphere. That was the correct answer. Musk began to move on to his next question, but Kassouf cut him off. “Wait, there’s another place you could be.” Now Musk was interested. “If you’re north of the South Pole,” Kassouf continued, “there’s a place where the circumference of the Earth is exactly a mile
  6. “Now,” Musk says, “I ask for the eleven top risks. Always go to eleven.”
  7. If he gave awards for rocket design, they would go to engineers who undesign things, those who remove mass
  8. Engineers who come to SpaceX generally understand they are going to be used up in the job. The work can be all consuming
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