Tesla Daily notes - 15 June 2021

  1. Tesla Shanghai plant 5 day holiday (June 10) was most likely busy anyway
  2. Tesla increased the price on Model Y in US again by $500
  3. 5 price increases for Model Y alone in Q2 alone
  4. Plaid Model X is cheaper then the Plaid Model S by $10k
  5. Model Y delivery time for Long Range is now September
  6. Model Y is not shipping to EU yet but it is to Canada
  7. Performance Model Y waiting time is only 1-10 weeks
  8. Tesla Model Y demand skyrocket and LR variant nearly sold out for Q3 - this might not be the case
  9. Tesla will start exporting Model Y from CHina to EU in early Q3
  10. Elon Musk referred to Giga Berlin Model Y as “next generation”
  11. “Texas Model Y will be slightly different than the Berlin version”
  12. “Model S Plaid will be exported to Europe in October”
  13. “Plaid carbon-wrapped motor is the most advanced motor on earth” :)
  14. Unplugged Performance Model S driver said the car had same performance with 34% battery as with 100%
  15. Elon Musk said when Bitcoin will be ~50% green Tesla will resume BTC transactions.
  16. Canaccord change Price Target for Tesla from $974 to $812
  17. New Zealand introduce new Electric Vehicle incentive up to US$6200
  18. Redwood Materials - expanding investment in Nevada adding 500+ additional jobs
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