Top 11 AMP benefits and why it is good

I know it's not very popular. Pretty much all devs are ignoring this technology and some even just don't like it. It's dead yeah? well.. no
  1. Super turbo Fast ⚡
  2. it loads on every mobile device even with low conneciton
  3. SEO - You score higher in search engine (because it's fast) 🔍
  4. lower cost PPC - yep... speed affect your Quality Score which drive price down
  5. better conversion - if it's faster people click around more and tend to find quicker what they want
  6. good lighthouse report - AMP by default score high
  7. UX - AMP simplify UX work - you are limited
  8. AMP components - open source predefined components ready to reuse
  9. Next.js (React) frontend framework support ⚛️
  10. main CDN players support (Vercel, Netlify)
  11. amp.dev - good documentation, examples and community
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