Top 21 best information from Tesla Model S Plaid Delivery Event

  1. The electric car is the best car - It’s clear
  2. break the 2s barrier - production car under 2s
  3. physics is the law and everything else is the recommendation
  4. Carbon sleeved motor - single speed 0-200 MPH - 20k RPM
  5. you can pick the motor by hands and it can accelerate 2 tons car to 60mph in under 2s
  6. heat pump - 30% better in cold weather range.
  7. The car can go speeding over and over again and won’t overheat
  8. 187 miles range in 15 min charging
  9. lowest drag coefficient of any production car: 0.208
  10. The quickest production car ever made
  11. 25k supercharger all around the world
  12. Engineered for maximum 5-star safety
  13. “we think we will get the lowest probability of injury of ever car tested
  14. the top 5 safest cars are all Teslas (NHSTA)
  15. Quicker than any Porsche and safer than any Volvo
  16. driving Model S is like driving in the future
  17. Yoke steering wheel visibility is insane
  18. multiple bluetooth devices - multiple people control music / video games
  19. invisible AC - no vents - by air speed around
  20. You can play cyberpunk on your Tesla
  21. we got incredible performance, interior of the future and engineering that is practically alien
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